Wine Skin Bubble Bag

Wine Skin Bubble Bag

Name: Wine skin bubble bag
Structure: Outer bag + Inner bubble film
USE: Wine bottle package

Wine Skin Bubble Bag is a wine-bottle-shaped bubble wrap that fits into another wine-bottle-shaped plastic covering. It is made of two parts, outer is a durable, puncture-resistant plastics bag, innner is bubble film, which can be widely used in traveling and protect wine bottles safely and securely. It takes advantage of the bubble film shock-proof and outer Plastic bag soft features. There is a couple of peel and stick seals at the bottom opening to keep it closed. They keep your wine bottles without any breakage or leakage.


1. A tough flexible and durable PVC wrap with double-sealed seams all around

2. A protective bubble wrap interior that provides shock and impact absorption

3. A double-strip sealing system with a leak-proof lock in the event of breakage

4. Affordable and attractive LOGO or ARTWORK can be applied to this product.


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